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 Department of Law

This section was established in 2002 in the Faculty of Law and Social Sciences, and under Executive Decree 08/03 of 05/01/2008, the Faculty of Law of the University of August 1955 was established in 1955, consisting of one department, the Department of Law.

 The department teaches 1883 students.

 The number of professors is 73 permanent.

Head of the Department: Dr. Atik Nadira

Deputy Head of The Department in charge of post-graduation and scientific research: hamza selem

Deputy Head of The Department in charge of teaching and teaching in graduation:




The training in the Law Division according to the system of The M.D. includes two courses: academic and professional

 Licence: After studying the first and second year, a common stem rights, and at the end of the second year, the student can choose between one of the two majors: a general law bachelor's degree, a special law.

: Master: Several academic and professional master projects have been adopted:

  Criminal Law

 Personal Status Law

Business Law

 Law of Marine and Marine Activities

  Constitutional and Administrative Institutions

Doctorat: A Ph.D. has been opened specializing in 'Criminal Law', specializing in 'personal status law', specializing 'business law', specializing in 'environmental law and urbanization', specializing in 'state law and institutions'.