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Department of Political Science

In 2011/2012, the Department of Political Science sought the college after the establishment of the Faculty of Law and Political Science under Executive Decree No. 203-10, dated 30 Ramadan 1431, corresponding to September 9, 2010, which determines the number of colleges that make up the University of 20 August 1955 Skikda and its specialty, where it became the college.  It's made up of two parts. :
Department of Law, Department of Political Science


The department has 254 students and the number of teachers is 17 permanent.

Head of Department: Dr. Boudjadr Faisal,

Deputy Head of Department in charge of post-graduation and scientific research: A. bouzoualegh Khalid,

Deputy Head of The Department in charge of teaching and education in graduation: A. Dakhil Abdul Salam