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:the library

It is an important interest within the college and a vital center for research, access, study and education, with a variety of sources of information (books, periodicals, letters, disks ...),Placed at the disposal of the College and the pioneers for the purpose of communicating information and developing knowledge and carrying out scientific research the library is managed by an official who oversees all operations and office services

Library Official: Wadi Souria



:The functions of the librarian

Supervising office performance facilitates access to information

through the means to develop the readership of students through diversification of the documentary stock

Active lying to students' concerns and scientific research

Developing office services in order to raise their level of capabilitie

Creative as well as improving and updating their information and strengthening their creativity queen

Provide the library with various appropriate intellectual vessels

Good handling and good reception






:Interests of the library

The Department of Documentary Credit Management.

The Department of Guidance and Research